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We could also narrow this topic down a bit further and write about the important differences between different types of cycling.

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Once you have finished your draft of the essay, you re ready to begin revising. Here s an example of a draft classification essay and a revised classification essay.

How to Develop and Organize a Classification Essay

87. (b): Influenza viruses are spherical in shape measuring about 855-6755A in diameter. It has a protein capsid that encloses a single stranded RNA. The single stranded RNA is generally linear and constitutes about 65% of the virus particle. RNA is genetic material in other viruses like poliomyelitis, foot and mouth disease virus and tobacco mosaic virus etc.

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Division and classification are two methods of organizing and explaining information.


In your introduction , clearly identify your subject—in this case, the group you are classifying. If you have narrowed your subject in any way (for example, types of bad drivers, rock guitarists, or annoying moviegoers), you should make this clear from the start.

Here indica, tuberosum, Leo are species of genera Mangifera, Solatium and Pantera respectively. All other taxonomic categories are defined and described in relation to species. For example, a genus is a group of species and a subspecies or a variety is a part of species. New species originate from already existing species. Species is considered basic unit of taxonomy since in the greater majority of cases we do not have intraspecific names.

As you develop and organize your draft, experiment with various strategies, but keep this basic format in mind: an introduction that identifies your subject and the different types or approaches three (or more) body paragraphs that rely on specific details to describe or illustrate the types and a conclusion that draws your points together and makes the overall purpose of the classification clear.

(iii) Crithidial (epimastigote): Body elongate. Blepharoplast and kinetoplast placed immediately anterior to nucleus. Undulating membrane inconspicuous.

78. (d): Plasmodium is digenetic . it completes its life cycle in two hosts, asexual cycle in man and sexual cycle in Anophelesmosquito. The breeding place of this mosquito is ponds, marshes, swampy areas etc. So, if all the ponds and puddles are destroyed, Anopheles will not be able to survive leading to destruction of its parasite, Plasmodium.

(iv) Trypanosomid (trypomastigote): Body elongate and slender. Blepharoplast and kinetoplast situated at or near posterior end. Undulating membrane conspicuous.

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