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HMA, VOX and I have complete solves, along with at least six other people that I can count. WE all seem to be able to see the 8775 hints 8776 offered in these posts, yet you say that they are non existent.

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A tutorial to make a yearly calendar that will stand on its own. It is made with 67 mini bags and a couple of binder rings. Buy a blank paper bag mini book ready for you to decorate on Ebay!! All the hard work is done so that all you need to do is embellish it! Basic Paper Bag Album instructions - Step by step directions Materials
- 8 Paper Bags (any size)
- Hole punch tool
- Eyelets, book rings, ribbon or fibres to bind
- lots of good stuff to cover and embellish your pages

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I really don 8767 t get the whole marble thing. Gey said it 8767 s supposed to be a map of some sort, but I don 8767 t see how. I 8767 m not good with abstract and that 8767 s probably why, but I don 8767 t see it.

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Hi Mindy, I can relate to the sleep paralysis. I had a few dreams where I was trying to scream and nothing would come out. And after waking, had intense pain in my throat for a bit before it subsided It was during a time when I was under a lot of stress caring for my mother. It was terrifying,
Re: Brad I can 8767 t find any connection that 8767 s useful to me, but maybe others can. But the tile images I definitely would not like tile like that. I would see things and it would bother me. Strange huh?
Wonder what the next SB is going to be about

More than likely, one of your explanations is spot on no pun intended Also, this story took place in the mid 85 8767 s, Who knows what happen during the development stage of processing the film. But now that you mentioned it it does look like a photo-scan and maybe the original photo was slight bent or not laid out flat and caught the light Anyways, I never thought there was anything to it just another nice walk down memory lane.

6) Again, why are these words in quotation marks, 8775 “because we’re going to have a funeral.” , and also 8775 Ferd 8776 and Fred 8776 all in quotes why?? Why bring attention to these specific words? A 8775 Hint 8776 Possibly.

That 8767 s awesome, Loco. I imagine all the pet parrots in Colorado have stopped saying 8775 Polly wanna cracker 8776 and switched to 8775 Mary wanna brownie 8776 instead! 🙂

I received my lucky arrowhead today Thank you I think i see faces in it I 8767 m pretty sure they are clues 😉

After closer inspection of your tile images, they are outstanding in their field of green 8D fox and monkey skull are amazing! I can hear them whispering in a phantom voice, 8775 I see nothing, I say nothing, I hear nothing 8776 which translates go ahead and sing in the shower without your jeans on!

You can get these same designs in a larger 67 x 67 format instead with the following download links. Follow the same instructions as above to download and print.

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