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Our industry aligned compensation structures, appraisal and feedback processes, reward and recognition programs, and employee-centric policies are all geared towards this objective. We invite you to be a part of our vibrant and growing team.

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Some of the best ideas and collaborations occur when employees have unplanned interactions , or “collisions” at work. Offices with a diversity of furniture and spaces to work in create more flow of personnel around the office, more creativity and energy, and greater likelihood that employees will collide and come up with the next great idea.

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Think about your last team meeting. I think it is fair to say that most team meetings are guided by one person standing in front of the white board recording thoughts and explaining concepts to the group. If someone else wants to explain an idea or contribute to the discussion, then they might take the place in front of the white board. They might not even write on the whiteboard and so their thoughts are not even recorded. This is a form of collaboration in the workplace, but I am not convinced that this type of collaboration leads to the innovation and success I imagine most businesses desire.

The 3 C's of Groupware: Communication, Collaboration and

The challenge with collaboration is that it drains resources but does not always have immediate apparent benefits. It takes time, space, and money to bring employees together, especially in a global organization. Although the benefits of increased collaboration are not always apparent at first, they become more visible over time. The core benefit of collaboration is the ability to share knowledge and expertise quickly and easily, and this sharing leads to better products and innovations, which in turn drives better profitability, employee engagement, and employee satisfaction.

Download WeSpire’s white paper “Why Technology Platforms Deliver Better Employee Engagement Results” to learn more about using technology to improve employee engagement and improve workplace collaboration.

That 8767 s a really good benefit that greater collaboration can let people share their expertise and knowledge easily and quickly so that there are better products. This just goes to show that it 8767 s important to find a good information sharing platforms. Still, it would be good to make sure that you could manage basically what is being shared so that the workplace stays a safe and friendly environment.

From SME to Enterprise, Three s suite of communication tools enable you to collaborate and communicate effectively while driving cost benefits.

While a Preferred Architecture presents a single solution design and deployment model, a Network Design explores various options and offers recommendations on which design works best in a specific deployment scenario. Solution Reference Network Designs are broader in scope but less specific in deployment details than Preferred Architectures.

Unified solutions that deliver communications and collaboration to all team members so that you can work together anytime, on virtually any device, from any location.

In business, people work in teams. Teams are designed to address mission critical processes like finance, production, or development. In the so-called “front office” (customer facing) the three core teams are marketing, sales, and service. CRM uses technology to create information across the core teams and to provide an infrastructure for using and sharing it. There’s no doubt that storing and sharing customer information is the central tenet of CRM— if the information is bad, or incomplete, the CRM initiative will fail.


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