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[895] Neither the birds which on light pinion cut the depths of heaven, nor vitals plucked from still living breasts, can summon up the name. We must essay some other path: the king himself must be recalled from the regions of the perpetual night, that, released from Erebus, he may point out his murderer. We must unseal the earth, must implore the implacable divinity of Dis, must draw forth hither the people of infernal Styx. Say to whom thou wilt assign the awful mission for &lsquo tis not right for thee, whose are the highest powers of state, to look upon the shades.

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[78] Now, even now the fates were aiming some blow at me for what am I to think when this pestilence, so deadly to Cadmus&rsquo race, so widespread in its destruction, spares me along? For what evil am I reserved? Midst the ruins of my city, midst funerals to be lamented with tears ever fresh, midst the slaughter of a nation, I stand unscathed &ndash aye! Prisoner at Phoebus&rsquo bar. Couldst thou hope that to crimes like thine a wholesome kingdom would be granted? I have made heaven pestilent. 8


[979] On an unseemly ass old Silenus attends thee, his swollen temples bound with ivy garlands while thy wanton initiates lead the mystic revels. Along with thee a troop of Bassarids in Edonian dance beat the ground, now on Mount Pangaeus&rsquo peak, now on the top of Thracian Pindus now midst Cadmean dames has come a maenad, the impious comrade of Ogygian Bacchus, with sacred fawn-skins girt about her loins, her hand a light thyrsus brandishing. Their hearts maddened by thee, the matrons have set their hair a-flowing and at length, after the rending of Pentheus&rsquo limbs, the Bacchanals, their bodies now freed from the frenzy, looked on their infamous deed as though they knew it not.

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The Sphinx was a female creature is Ancient Greek mythology. She had the body of a lion, the wings of a bird.. the rest of her body resembled that of a woman.

[ Enter PHORBAS. ]
[888] [ To himself. ] Behold the ancient, heavey with years, once keeper of the royal flocks, Phorbas. [ To OLD MAN. ] Dost recall the old man&rsquo s name or features?

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[ Enter a messenger from within the palace. ]
[966] But what is this? The doors creak open behold, a servant of the king, stricken with woe, beast with his hand upon his head. Tell us what news thou bringst.

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[ Enter JOCASTA. ]
[778] O thou, my soul&rsquo s own mate, resolve by doubts, I pray thee what span of life had Laï us at his death? In the fresh prime of life died he, or in broken age?

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