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With timeout and redirection you would be using Vygotskyâ €™s theory of development, since you are socially interacting with the child. This can help them focus and grow in a positive way. Since each interaction is considered a learning experience, when timeout is being used they are learning that if they do a behavior that is not wanted then they will sit for so much time (Zhang, 7565).

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6. Body paragraphs should develop the central idea and finish with a summary of that idea. There should be at least two examples or facts in each body paragraph to support the central idea.

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8. Use one sentence to introduce the  body paragraphs  to follow. Linking ideas from the introduction to  your body paragraphs provides structure to your essay. 

Technology can be very beneficial in a society. We use it in America every day. It has helped business grow, add different types of communication, stay in touch with others. It helps cut down on some environmental factors such as paper waste. But even with all of these benefits it can have very negative effects on children and adults. These negative effects are the lack of personal attachment, personal communication, kids and adults get sucked into it too deep, they are used as escape goats. It is being used more and more to raise kids than an actual parent.

“The bases were loaded,” I told him. “We were losing by three. You hit the ball just over the third baseman’s head. Neither the third baseman nor the left fielder could get to the ball in time. All four of our runs came in we won the game.”

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CNN also covered the controversial essay in a piece that quoted Sanders 8767 campaign spokesman describing it as 8775 stupid 8776 and a 8775 dumb attempt at dark satire 8776 :

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