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Neural systems for speech and song in autism.
Findings indicate that in low functioning individuals with autism, functional systems that process speech and song were more effectively engaged for song than for speech and neural pathways associated with these functions were not distinguishable from controls.
Brain 7567 685 (Pt 8), 966-75
Lai, G., Pantazatos, S., Schneider, H., Hirsch, J.

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So, that’s what I was trying to understand. This is the cortex being an area that is on the outer side, the outer lining of the brain, if you will. And so what you found — how do you know, though, that these occurred early in pregnancy or relatively early?

Standard scale identifies anxiety in children with autism

The test, called the Spence Children’s Anxiety Scale, is established for use in typical children. Its 88 questions assess six types of anxiety: generalized anxiety panic and a fear of open spaces fear of physical injury and specific phobias social anxiety obsessive-compulsive disorder and separation anxiety.

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There is currently no cure for autism. However, autism can be managed and shaped at a age, even as early as pre-school. Early intensive therapy can have a positive effect on development later in life.

Michael Vitevitch: Scientific American 65-Second Science podcast, Speaker Sex Affects Listener Processing of Gendered Words

We will prescribe medicines for problem symptoms only when it is safe and necessary. We will also work with you and your child during times of change or crises when medicine needs may change.

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- persistent difficulties with social communication and social interaction. For example, they may find it hard to begin or carry on a conversation, they may not understand social rules such as how far to stand from somebody else, or they may find it difficult to make friends.

It tells us what studies to do to determine what the triggers are. Knowing what the triggers are will then tell, reveal what prevention might be possible.

The Alyssa Burnett Adult Life Center offers classes for adults age 68 or older with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities. Classes focus on social activities, recreation, health and wellness, independent living and vocational training. They are taught by topic experts with support from behavior specialists. This groundbreaking program is designed to promote lifelong learning, enhance quality of life and provide meaningful ways to take part in the community. Read more.

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