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In the morning I wandered the dog around the lake for a while in a glorious empty park, just looking for a sign. Having endured the incessant daytime din of thousands of visitors (and all the kids are inevitably crying by the time they get half way round the lake) the utter unmitigated bliss when the Country Park closes is hard to convey… It’s simply lovely.

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As Antonio makes his way from his uncles&rsquo fields to his grandfather&rsquo s house one day toward the end of the summer, a murderous Tenorio chases after him. Antonio escapes, but Tenorio shoots Ultima&rsquo s owl. When the owl dies, Ultima is doomed to die as well because the owl is her spiritual familiar, or guardian. Antonio sits with her at her bedside and buries the owl as she requests after she dies.

The story involves a boy in a New Mexico town at the end of World War II. With his brothers off to war, his parents invite an elderly relative named Ultima to come and live with them. She possesses magical powers — black powers, say some, who call her a witch. The old woman takes Antonio under her care. At a time when the traditional culture of New Mexico is under siege from the modern, and men transformed by war were returning home with strange ideas in their heads, Ultima hopes Antonio can learn his people's way of living and carry it forward into his life.

My boy Kev doesn’t like it if I ignore him much, and deems casting, baiting or anything that involves me not mollycoddling him as adequate reason to let out quiet grumbles followed by a baritone ‘WOOOF’ just to remind me he’s there, as if I can miss a 6 stone puppy! The quiet evening was punctuated by an echoing woof more than a couple of times!

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