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Many a times, people use the term 'innovation' for 'innovation creation'. But there is a difference between the two. While innovation creation is an important aspect of innovation processes, so is the ability to search for and identify relevant external innovation, applying existing innovation to new contexts, understand & absorb unfamiliar external innovation & to blend & integrate different bodies of innovation together. Thus innovation processes are much more than innovation creation process.

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Today, Open innovation are widely used and becoming the vital sources of progress in term of improving the industry performance especially by using the external sources of creativity and innovation. But In Malaysia, this paradigm is relatively new and the approach of Open Innovation is still difficult to accept. Innovation is one of the important mechanisms to the organizations in term to improve economic growth of the organization and increase the competitive advantages.

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It's important to realize that in a small group, it is difficult for many people to have personal networks rich in structural holes. For this to happen the network has to be fairly diffuse.

Thanks for posting this. Asking questions seems like such a simple idea, yet often it is to easy to feel awkward or shy about asking questions. But the most important part is the idea of putting what you learn into practice. GREAT INSIGHTS thank you.

For achieving the new heights in the business, it is required to encourage not only product innovation but innovation in every field. One of the misconceptions about innovation is that innovation is about creating the next new product, that's why most of the companies focus on their R& D. But since it is easy for other companies to copy any new product, the return on investment is very less. Hence it is required to encourage innovation in every field such as in customer service, in business models, in networking and so on. One can actually spend less and make more money in innovation if he pays attention to the valleys, those places which competitors have overlooked. (Gurteen, 7555, p 66-79)

The importance of this study is to identify the best methods used on performing the open innovation on the manufacturing industries in Malaysia. This study also can discover the impact of Open Innovation to the firms as well as ICT, Automotive and Electronics industries.

In summary, this chapter explains about the method used by the researcher in research study to obtain data and information. Researchers using quantitative method in this research study where the data and information are collected by the survey that distributed to the respondents and then the data will be analyze to obtain result. This chapter also includes the research design and research strategy also. The validity, generalizability and reliability of this research study is being discussed.

To be considered an innovative company, you need only to accomplish one task. This task is to introduce something new to your customers. Dell fits

Introduction The case study is about the issues regarding the Scotch Whiskey firm, Glenmeadie. The Whiskey market is generally targeted at middle-aged consumers with a disposable income, as whiskey is considered as luxury product. The key issue in this case study lies upon which part Glenmeadie should invest more in product innovations or the front-end View Article

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