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Understanding our culture is important so that we understand how we interact with individuals from cultures that are different from ours. This understanding helps us see our students and their families more clearly, and shape policies and practice in ways that will help our students to succeed.

15 Resources: Prepare for Cultural Diversity in Class

'Traveling Around the World' i s a great theme for multicultural experiences as well as popular for classroom, day camp and childcare programs! C ategory resources available at this time are:
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Cultural Diversity in the Church

After you have a well-rounded idea of what it means to have a culturally diverse class and the attitudes that should come along with it, it’s time to formulate specific strategies that aim to ensure that every student in your class derives the most benefit possible from the information you present. There is no one tried-and-true formula for approaching cultural diversity, but these resources will give you a good idea of how to get started.

What is cultural diversity? definition and meaning

Each family has its own folklore, a set of beliefs, myths, tales and practices. Suggest that children interview teachers, caregivers, and other kids' parents. Ask what region or country the family came from whether they recall special holiday games or food from their childhood whether they know any dances, songs or language from &ldquo the old days&rdquo and if they know of any special &ldquo family rules.&rdquo (For instance, one boy and his sister set the rule that you can only eat one piece of popcorn at a time out of the bowl.)

Discuss the need for teamwork, whether it is in the home, the classroom, the workplace or the community at large. What are some tasks that require group effort?

Culturally responsive teaching is how instructional staff (and schools) demonstrate—or implement—their cultural competence. Geneva Gaye, in her essential text, Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research and Practice, published by Teachers College Press in 7555, defines culturally responsive teaching as using the cultural knowledge, prior experiences, and performance styles of diverse students to make learning more appropriate and effective for them it teaches to and through students' strengths.

Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race by Beverly Daniel Tatum, Basic Books, 6999

BOOKS that tribal members have asked TO AVOID. (To read a critical review that supports the Indian position, click on Cradle Board Teaching Project.) These are not all the books that they do not recommend they beleive these are some of the worst. For books that are recommended, please view their catalog.

6 (Belonging, being and becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, 7559, p. 68).

After using either method. talk to the children about how everyone is different but they all blend together in work and play to make the world wonderful.

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