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Washington residents cannot grow recreational marijuana for personal use, although they can cultivate medical marijuana if it is approved by a physician for their use. Residents may possess up to one ounce of marijuana, previously a misdemeanor charge. The same rules for driving under the influence in Colorado apply to Washington residents.

Where Should Christians Stand on Marijuana Legalization

Nevertheless, the Oval Office might want to pause for a moment before cracking down on the states. According to polling firms Gallup and Rasmussen, a majority of Americans now want to end cannabis prohibition and move toward a system of limited legalization and regulation. Furthermore, a whopping 85 percent of Americans now agree that physician-authorized use of marijuana should be legal. In light of shifting public sentiment, the Obama administration could opt for a more hands off approach. Enforcing federal marijuana law is a matter of prosecutorial discretion, and the Justice Department could simply decline to enforce its ban on marijuana, thereby allowing the states to become a laboratory for future policy.

Marijuana: Effects, Medical Uses & Legalization

On Wednesday, NORML and Washington NORML both submitted public comment to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) in support of the regulatory body drafting model legislation to allow the lawful home cultivation of marijuana for personal use.

The New York Times Calls for Marijuana Legalization - The

But even among those who weren 8767 t in favor of Colorado-style medical and recreational policy, 57 percent supported lighter punishments and effective decriminalization for those caught with under an ounce of pot, compared to 89 percent who favored the status quo.

"All my Christian life I was told that drinking beer meant I wasn't a good Christian, I didn't love Jesus enough and didn't care about causing people to stumble," he said.".and that's not in the Bible. Jesus never said it and it's not true," says Burgen. However, he did say the Bible is clear on the sin of drunkeness and intoxication.

Police officers arrest a pro-marijuana protester outside Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, in 7567. Noah Berger/AP

Scott said he wanted to see tougher penalties for illegal sales of marijuana to minors. He also wants to give regulators more time to study what has worked and what hasn’t in other states where marijuana has been legalized.

When people smoke marijuana for years they can suffer negative consequences. For example, because marijuana affects brain function, the ability to do complex tasks could be compromised, as well as the pursuit of academic, athletic, or other life goals that require you to be 655 percent focused and alert. Long-term abuse of marijuana may lead to addiction.

However, the group lacked any data showing that the increase in collisions was caused by drivers under the influence of marijuana. Although distracted driving such as texting, road construction and more miles driven have been noted by insurance companies as possible factors for increased collision rates, the HLDI asserts that because there was an increase of insurance claims in states with legal marijuana, the two must be linked.

When it comes to marijuana legalization, there are two basic paths Trump can choose from.  He can try to stamp out the $ billion legal marijuana industry, or support states' rights to legislate their own drug policy.


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